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“Sometimes treating yourself also adds diversity to your diet. There are times you need a treat and enjoy the indulgence of food that makes you happy. Times to watch your health and times to have a feast. Right now, Calicut Live offers a variety of tasty delicacies from the sea shores of Kerala, just for you. Treat yourself without remorse.”

Boneless juicy pieces of chicken marinated in unique combination of spices wrapped in pandanas leaf basket and deep fried accompanied [...]
One day, our MD visited his family friend, Murugan at Pondicherry, that day, Mrs. Murugan prepared a chicken curry with [...]
Traditional Malabar preparation of soups strongly flavored with pepper.
Skewered jumbo prawns marinated in typical Malabari spices and pan fries with sliced coconut.
A mixer of orange juice and pineapple juice topped with beetroot juice to quench your thirst with energy.
Strong taste of Nilgiri tea with floating milk.

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Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve.
Food Fusion
Fusion cuisine is a cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions.
Outdoor Catering
The way to a peron’s heart is much more than a loyalty program. Making clients evangelists is about creating experiences worth talking about.
Every great business is built on friendship.

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The role of a good cook ware in the preparation of a sumptuous meal cannot be over emphasized then one consider white bread